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How it works - Investors
Create your Maritime Properties account

1 Create your Maritime Properties account

Creating your Maritime Properties account only takes a minute with no personal information required other than your name and e-mail adress. We will not share that information with any third parties. After you verify your e-mail address by locating the e-mail we send you and clicking the link, (check your spam folder if you don't see it). you will have access to the "INVEST" button, investment disclosures, a personal dashboard and notifications of our new investments. provides you with real time pre-vetted real estate backed investment opportunities. It also provides you with U.S. based support, via on line chat, e-mail and phone directly from our founder and principal broker Steve Spiro. You get his direct contact information and he is available to answer your questions and guide you. With Maritime Properties, you can draw on the knowledge of our real estate crowdfunding expert have access to the latest crowdfunding opportunities. Easily build a real estate asset based investment portfolio when you create a Maritime Properties account. Have questions, just ask us.  Sign up today.

Choose your investment

2 Choose your investment

Maritime Properties reduces and removes the barriers that usually get in the way with acquiring investment properties. Instead of waiting years to raise a down payment and then borrowing heavily from a bank and dealing with time consuming tenant management tasks, you can pool your savings with other investors on into professionally managed real estate investments. You choose how much you would like to invest, and the kind of investment that appeals to you.

Finalize your investment

3 Finalize your investment

We follow the very successfull all or none model. Once you make a contribution to your chosen real estate investment, your funds are held in an FDIC insured escrow account created and maintained by FundAmerica a licensed securities broker/dealer until the minimum fund raise goal is reached. If that minimum is not reached your funds are returned to you by FundAmerica. Once the minimum funding goal has been reached, your funds will be transferred to the project issuer, who gets busy developing the project.

Your investment is held in a SPV (single purpose vehicle), an LLC that is transfered and held in trust by a third party trustee.  Offerings on this platform are 506C offerings. All of the investment's supportive documentation and disclosures are available for review and approval and downloaded on the site before you invest. To Access them and the INVEST button, sign up and log in.  The Series Disclosure Document states the terms of the offering. The Confidential Investor's Disclosure Document gives you more information on our process, people and the risks of the investment.   

Once the project is completed and your investment returned, you can choose another investment project. That way, you’re always funding a live project with high return on investment and building your wealth! Make sure that you have signed up and signed in for full access.

Managing made easy

4 Managing made easy

Investing is an automated process and everything is done on line. Monitoring your investment portfolio from your mobile device or desk top computer is a breeze with

Featuring real time analytics and a customized dashboard for you to track and review your investments. enables you to monitor and manage your portfolio with a few easy clicks. Wherever you have the internet, you can access your real estate backed asset portfolio. You can also register for email alerts and make use of our education link and helpful team of real estate experts to truly enhance your investing experience. Ever wanted to fix and flip properties? Now you can by funding the projects managed by a seasoned professional. Take the hassle out of the real estate investment process. You invest and we do the rest. Choose as your on line real estate investment platform. This is a smarter, easier and more personal way to invest in real estate. 

506C offerings are for accredited investors. If you are not an accredited investor let us know. As a real estate brokerage we can help you locate and buy an excellent real estate investment properties and can provide you with guidance and property management. 

Our investments accept U.S.and Non -U.S.based Investors.

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